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Sadly, Evan Parker and Andy Taylor didn’t work out as boyfriends, but we all know sexual chemistry was never the problem. And sometimes, it’s hard to resist jumping back in the sack with an ex for old times’ sake. Rediscovering that intense passion for someone who once knew just how to make you cum—well, it’s like riding a bike. Speaking of riding things, did someone say “flip-fuck”? It’s true, Evan saddles up and takes Andy’s throbbing dick as well as a thick creampie from his ex in a rare on-camera bottoming. Andy’s bubble butt likewise gets its share of vehement pounding from Evan’s perfect cock. We can’t help feeling a little nostalgic for one of our all-time favorite power couples. But it’s great to see the spark hasn’t faded, nor are there any lingering hard feelings between these two Helix megastars. Hard dicks on the other hand? Most definitely. - Warning - NSFW (not safe for work) - This site contains adult content. By continuing into the site, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view adult content in your area and that you wish to view gay erotic material. If you are not of legal age or do not wish to continue into the site, please close your browser window or leave here. All posted photo subjects appear to be 18 or over, and were acquired from the public internet - or images of promotional material / affiliate programs. Look and sign: Places Where I Drool. If you own copyrights to any of this sites content and do not wish to be posted, please contact me immediately, and I will immediately remove them.- Recommendation: Visit my Gays Sex Blog


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He Was Better

The morning after I got up kind of early. I still beaming from last night but I felt real uneasy so I decided to go to breakfast alone. As I was sitting reminiscing all the things that happen last night, thats when Anthony appeared. He asked why I didn’t wait up for him to go to breakfast. I told him he know why. I just let him know how uncomfortable it was hanging with him. He assured me we’re cool. He said he knows its weird but I’ll soon get over that when I get some more dick.
I laughed and said that’s no time soon, I’m still sore. Anthony said with a grin, “so I really put it down.” I replied, “yes you did.” So after breakfast, we decided to go to the water park. Just as we arrived, I got a text from Clive. I panicked. Anthony sensed something and asked am I still uneasy around him. I told him no, and told him Clive the guy who I met yesterday asked me out for lunch. He said go for it. He already had plans with the girl he met yesterday to so it all good. So I responded to Clive saying we can go around 2 for lunch. He replied back quickly and agreed.

In the meantime me and Anthony had a blast at the water park. I finally felt normal around him. We went on every slide. So at 1:30 we left so we could get freshen up for our lunch dates. I took a quick shower and met up with Clive at a bar on the beach for lunch. When I arrived Clive was there and he looked great. He was wearing a yellow tank and blue shirts that caressed his muscles well. We went inside to take our orders.

The date started off like any other date where you talk about yourself and your interests. It wasn’t bad at all. That’s when I got a text from Anthony saying he and that girl are going back to the room and its going to be a while (wink wink). I got the hint and Clive suggested we go roller skating. I haven’t done that in ages so I was amped. We are having a blast dancing and reminiscing about old times in our youth. The date was perfect.

It was getting late so I texted Anthony back to give the all clear but he said things are going good and to see if I can find a place for the night. I was a little annoyed at him. Clive proceeded to ask what was wrong. I told him that Anthony and that girl are getting along pretty well and I need to find a place to crash for the night.

Clive suggested if I wanted to stay with him. He saw my hesitation and said his room got an extra pull out couch so its cool. He said “I want try nothing no funny shit.” I felt his honesty so I agreed. We were hungry at this time and really feeling a pizza. Right across the street there was this pizza parlor.

Without saying nothing, I grabbed Clive by the arm and marched him right into the pizza parlor. He said he like a man that takes charge. I just shyly grinned back. The pizza was great but now its time to go to the hotel. He was staying down the road from our so I texted Anthony the address because you never know with these things. When we got to Clive’s room it was nice. He had a better ocean view and the room was really big. I asked what kind of man comes alone on and stay in a big room like that. He said him and his boyfriend planned this trip a year ago but they broke up a few months ago and since he payed for the trip why not?

I then asked what happen with him and his boyfriend. He said that his boyfriend and him just grew apart and wanted different things in life. He then asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no and said he is my first date with a guy ever. He said, “well then I got to do something spectacular so I will always remember it.” I told him it was great and its no big deal thats when he kissed me. You know when they show it on tv with stars and fireworks that how it felt. He said now it’s memorable. Then thats when one thing led to another and were stripped naked. he started rimming me and his tongue felt magical.

He leaned me on the bed and told me to get on all fours. He got some lube and put on a condom. I turned around to see his dick. It was massive. I was like damn how big is it. He smiled and said 10 inches. He said he will take it slow so no worries. He eased his head in and when I tell you I scream, I screamed, but at the same time pleasure overtook my body. He gradually started stroking until he got up to a really fast pace. His balls was smacking my ass and I loved every second of it. Just when I thought it could get any better, he turned me over and pulled the condom off his dick and cummed right on my chest.

After he was finished he proceeded to lick his cum all up not leaving and once on my body. We crashed on the bed and the next thing I can remember is waking up to him the next morning. He kissed me and said “good morning handsome.” I replied back and got up to take a shower. Thats when he suggested to take one together. Well we did more sucking and cleaning. I told him that he was the second person I done that to but he said it was great. I got so cocky (pun included) I started licking his humongous balls and that sent him over the edge. The next thing I could felt was cum rolling down my face.

He lifted me up and we just stood there kissing to what felt like eternity. I didn’t want it to end but he was leaving today but before he left he said to keep in contact and he only live a couple of hours away from me so we can try and meet up sometime this summer. As I was returning to my room I felt like I was floating. Anthony just got up and saw my expression. He said “I don’t even have to ask.” He then said I know he wasn’t better than me. I just simply smiled.